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The combination of nutrients ensures a bountiful and delicious harvest

The universal fertilizer composition, enriched with microelements, humic and fulvic acids, is specifically designed to meet the needs of all greenhouse and outdoor vegetables. The harvested produce will be more abundant, beautifully colored, and flavorful.

The design of the bottle ensures convenience, cleanliness, and precision when dosing fertilizers.


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  • The optimal nutrient balance promotes strong plant growth and a good yield formation, growth, and ripening.
  • The composition of these fertilizers activates natural growth processes, which can result in better nutritional value and flavor of vegetables and fruits.
  • Proper and timely fertilization makes plants more resistant to negative environmental factors.
  • These fertilizers contain humic and fulvic acids, which are organic acids beneficial for plants, as they can: help transport nutrients from the soil to plant roots, contribute to improving soil structure by retaining water and enhancing the availability of nutrients to plants, assist plants in resisting stress conditions, such as damage caused by temporary environmental changes or diseases.
  • Amino acids are crucial for plant growth and development. They serve as building blocks for proteins and participate in various biochemical processes, including growth regulation, metabolism, and the plant’s ability to defend against harmful pathogens and environmental conditions.
  • The design of the bottle ensures convenience, cleanliness, and precision when dosing fertilizers.
  • Fast-release fertilizers
  • Fertilizers are absorbed immediately, so weather conditions have little impact on fertilization results. When applied as a solution, nutrients are evenly distributed.
  • Fertilizers promote faster absorption of nutrients, plant development, and growth.
  • Suitable for both primary and additional fertilization, addressing nutrient deficiencies or maintaining nutrient levels.
  • Fertilizers have balanced optimal proportions of nutrients, ideally tailored to the specific needs of plants or groups of plants. Together with established fertilizer usage norms, this ensures effective plant nutrition, avoiding overdosing and contributing to environmental protection.

Shake well before use. Use for all plants.

Add 10 ml of the fertilizer to 3 liters of water for growing plants during the entire growing season.

March – October: 2 – 3 times a month, every 10 – 14 days.

Double amount of water must be used for seedlings and sensitive plants.


NPK 5-3-7 + trace elements
Free amino acids
Humic and Fulvic acids

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